The sale of all sales

The annual Twist sale starts tomorrow!  As a loyal customer I happen to know they spend a lot of time setting up for the highly anticipated event the day before it officially begins. Unable to contain myself, I showed up at the unofficial presale with my two favorite shopping buddies. While my companions lingered by the entrance, perusing tables of ceramic goods, I sprinted to the back of the store. I went straight for my favorite jewelry designer, Alexis Bittar. Here’s what I picked up…

LOVE these Alexis Bittar pieces. Did some damage at Twist, but it could have been way worse...

Look at that green color. Gorgeous!

Couldn't say no.

My favorite purchase. Obsessed with this. Obsessed.

There’s only one problem. I am on a major budget, especially when it comes to shopping. So, what can you do to make yourself feel better after an unintentional shopping spree? Clean out your closet and sell your clothes to Buffalo Exchange.  I had two giant shopping bags filled with clothes that sit in my closet and I never wear. They completely paid for my jewelry splurge. Definitely worth it.

And a lucky customer will find my Tory Burch sandals literally on display at the Buffalo Exchange on West Burnside. Enjoy!

Traded in these Tory Burch sandals to fuel my Alexis Bittar addiction!

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Welcome to my blog! My goal is to bring classic styles to women of all ages. Whether it’s through my blog, Twitter, or a personal styling session, I want to make women feel great and look fabulous! Please contact me with style questions or topics you would like to see explored on the blog. I look forward to hearing from you!
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One Response to The sale of all sales

  1. LELPARKER says:

    You picked up some lovely pieces!!! I too am obsessed with your bracelet, what beautiful colors. Thanks again for the head’s up yesterday.:)

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